Insights On Effortless Wedding Gown Tactics

vendor With recreational marijuana use becoming less stigmatized , pot-friendly wedding planners, florists and venues are cashing in on the high. Legal cannabis sales are soaring as the massive underground market becomes taxed and regulated in more states, says Troy Dayton, CEO of ArcView Market Research , a publisher of marijuana industry analysis that predicts the legal cannabis industry in the U.S. will grow from a $7.9 billion market to over $20 billion within five years. Niki McDonald, founder of the weed wedding website Love and Marij , which connects couples with weed-friendly wedding vendors, says she is determined to show the world that cannabis is the new champagne. Expand / Contract Pot plant party favors might be cute but they're not legal across the country. (Ali. V Photography) Experiencing an upscale cannabis event as a guest, I was blown away with how much additional detail and appreciation I had for all of my surroundings: the sound of the music, the taste of the food, the little details, McDonald said. I enjoyed the clarity I had over my actions and thoughts. Whether couples choose to abstain from liquor or marijuana is simply a recreational preference, these so-called cannabis couples from all walks of life and generations want to be able to consume and serve weed like alcohol at one of the biggest days of their lives. Some couples want to show guests theyre comfortable with changing times and provide marijuana as an option-- even if they arent cannabis connoisseurs themselves. One Colorado bride took a hit of cannabis to help reduce anxiety before walking down the aisle, said McDonald.

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